Rut is here for the Sable Bulls

The Sable Bulls at Kudu Valley Safari Lodge are in full rut this week. These (2) younger bulls are establishing their dominance to be the next breeder for a group of Sable Cows. It’s not only the Sable Antelope in rut at this time, but also the Kudu, Impala, Wildebeest, Mountain Reedbuck and more. Book your stay at Kudu Valley Safari Lodge in late April or early May to witness this epic action in person!

Feed Grow System at Kudu Valley Safari Lodge
Supplemental Feed Program

We have our Hydroponic Feed Grow Supplemental feed program up and running at Kudu Valley Safari Lodge. Our program produces 300 kg’s of high protein feed each day to feed the animals on the farm. We also mix this with lucern (alfalfa) and other important minerals to keep the Sable, Kudu, Cape buffalo, Impala and Wildebeest in healthy condition year round.

Salt Lake City International Sportsmen's Expo
Salt Lake City – ISE Show
Salt Lake City International Sportsmen's Expo

Aaron and Ewald will be in Salt Lake City, Utah this week for the International Sportsmen’s Exposition. If you happen to be in the area, please stop by the discuss hunting or photo safaris with us. Make sure you ask about our show special when you stop by. 

This is our last marketing show of the 2024 season and then it’s time to get busy with multiple groups from America over the next 5-6 months.

Construction on the Farm
Construction of a new hunting blind at Kudu Valley Africa Hunt Lodge

We’re busy building a new Tower Blind for hunting and viewing the night time critters at Kudu Valley Safari Lodge. This Blind will be large enough for 4 people and overlooks a prime area for viewing Bushpigs, Hyena, Genet Cat, Civet Cat, Caracal, Jackal and all of the other night time critters our clients wish to view and hunt. This Blind will have 2 staircases, lights, benches, and comfortable seating, fully enclosed for those cooler nights. More photos to accompany as we work on completing by April 1st, 2024.

Staff at Kudu Valley Safari Lodge
Staff at Kudu Valley Safari Lodge

Staff at Kudu Valley Safari Lodge

Ewald Ras – Director at Kudu Valley Safari Lodge

Ewald is also the owner of Africa Hunt Lodge.  As a Professional Hunter for over 25 years now, Ewald has guided all species offered in South Africa including the Big 5.  Ewald’s favorite species to hunt is Trophy Kudu Bulls.  He and his family reside in Thabazimbi.

Aaron Bulkley – Co-owner at Africa Hunt Lodge & Kudu Valley Safari Lodge

Aaron has been professionally guiding since 2008 in Texas.  Former owner and founder of Texas Hunt Lodge, Aaron spends most of his free time with his wife and 2 daughters in Texas when not hanging out in Africa with clients.  Aaron is a member of Rotary International, Board Member at the Upper Guadalupe River Authority in Kerr County, Texas, and founder of multiple companies over the years.

Partners of Kudu Valley Safari Lodge (pictured from left to right)

Brian Wagner, Aaron Bulkley, Cindy Ras, Steve Berhow and Ewald Ras

Wikus Stemmet

Wikus Stemmet – Head Professional Hunter at Africa Hunt Lodge

Wikus hunts 12 months out of the year, for over 30 years now.  Wikus is the recipient of Guide of the Year from Trophy Game Records of the World 3 times.

Hannetjie Engelbrecht – Lodge Manager at Kudu Valley Safari Lodge

Hannetjie manages the staff on the Lodge and coordinates activities with our clients. Hannetjie loves nature, to take clients on game drives, read in her free time.

LG – Chef at Kudu Valley Safari Lodge

LG has been at Kudu Valley since March 2019. He has a passion for food and loves conversation with our guests.

Nico Engelbrecht - Kudu Valley Safari Lodge

Nico Engelbrecht – Farm Manager at Kudu Valley Safari Lodge

Nico has been the Farm Manager at Kudu Valley since 2012. Nico loves hunting and fishing and a leaker Bushveld Brad.

Blue Wildebeest Hunting Africa
Species at Kudu Valley Safari Lodge

Kudu Valley Safari Lodge is home to multiple species which breed and flourish on our concession. From Blue, Golden and Kings Wildebeest to the Impala Slam (White Flanked, Common, Black, Saddle Back and Dapple), we are home to a wide variety of beautiful game. We have free ranging Mountain Reedbuck, Duiker, Vervet Monkey, Baboon, Warthog, Bushpig, Hyena, Leopard and much more in our Mountain Concession.

Sable Kudu Valley Safari Lodge
Photo Safaris
Photo Safaris


Kudu Valley Safari Lodge offers a 5 Star Photographic Safari Experience.  Spend 5 Days and 6 Nights with us and enjoy 3 Different National Parks, shopping trips, game drives and more.  From only $2500 per person, you can’t beat this experience at this price.  


Cape buffalo Hunting in Africa
Bow Hunting in Style

 Kudu Valley Safari Lodge has 6 of the most incredible bow hunting blinds you’ve ever laid your eyes on.  They in the ground blinds, warm in the winter, cool in the summer months, and all situated at waterholes.  From 10:00 to 2:00, this is the place to be with your bow.  Each blind also has a full restroom with flushing toilets and wash basins.  This is 5 Star Bow Hunting at it’s best!